The Nutri-Fixit Process

Unfortunately we are not accepting new clients until November 2017


Nutri-Fixit Health Hub Terms of Engagement

Your health is our passion and our reputation.  We commit 100% and work with clients with the same dedication and commitment.  We highly value individualism and will support you in identifying and developing your own individual approach that suits your very individual biotype.  We strongly support a scientific, evidential approach that you evaluate in terms of your body’s own, personal reactions.

Scope of Practise

In practise we support and build your ongoing health through nutritional and lifestyle adjustments.  We are not dieticians or medical specialists, and do not prescribe or offer therapy or specific diets. We integrate biochemical science and change-management.  We guide your choices based on your individual responses and circumstances, so together we partner for your health.  Our approach is systemic and informed by the Functional Medicine philosophy of identifying and managing root causes. Referrals, medical or other, are recommended as required to support health and a successful outcome.

 Consultation Prices

Prices are for personal, Skype or telephonic consultations. (All initial consultations include visual interviews – Skype or personal.)

  • Initial Consultation: R650  (process detailed above)
  • Follow-up Consultation – 30 minutes: R350
  • Follow-up Consultation – 15 minutes: R220