Him and her, he and she, husband and wife, sceptic and nurturer, researcher and researcher.


Bernadette:  Advisor, Health Coach and Nurturer

She’s passionate about health and getting the message out to people who also care.  She reads nutritional and health research voraciously, traces everything back to the published studies and critically devours and integrates them into her database of knowledge.

She believes …

She believes that you need to have the right chemicals to support health, and that comes from food first.  She believes supplements can be a quick fix in rebalancing, but they’re an aid, not the holy grail.

She believes in affordable, accessible nutrition, but sometimes dabbles on the elitist side because when you’re not well, quality counts.

She loves …

Dark chocolate


Chris:  Data Manager, Statistician and Sceptic

He’s a leprechaun husband, here to tease and taunt her until she refines her database of knowledge into one that can hold against any logical onslaught.  His analytical approach and healthy dose of scepticism keep her on the straight and narrow.  He reads as voraciously as she does, and unearths all sorts of new studies and criticism of old ones before she’s even had a chance to see them.

He believes …

He believes that you need to have the right chemicals to support health, and that comes from food first. He believes the supplement and diet industry is there to relieve you of money rather than heal you – think expensive pee.

He believes that a sustainable dietary answer has to be affordable, so he pushes against elitism.

He loves …

His cooking, most of her cooking, Weissbier, Irish whiskey … and her dark chocolate when he finds it.



They both know that our cells need specific types of fuel to function, and that that fuel is found in good balanced nutrition.  They also know that that doesn’t mean the same thing for everyone – diet should be as individual as chemistry, and negotiating that takes knowledge and skill.

The Nutri-Fixit blog mostly documents queries and issues she works through with her clients, and sometimes their arguments and learning as they grow and sift away the chaff of philosophy from the reality of body chemistry.

Thankfully they both have a sense of humour to guide them through their debates because both are passionate in their approach.