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Marital debate: checkmate

She saysHer:  The latest is not soaking beans anymore because it compromises the flavour – they don’t taste as good if they’re pre-soaked.

He says   Him:  [groan] Not another pendulum swing.

She saysHer:  But that’s not why we soak beans. We soak them to neutralise some of the phytic acid.  The taste isn’t as important as neutralising the anti-nutrients.

He says   Him:  But that’s the purpose of food – to taste good.

She says Her:  No, the purpose of food is nutritional, to give our bodies what we need to function well.  Tasting good is a bonus.  In fact, if it didn’t taste so good, we’d probably eat less.

He says  Him:   And that’s why I  do the cooking!

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